Thursday, 1 October 2015

Toy Boy?

I used to be a scarf,
So very long and thin.
I warmed a chilly neck
And sometimes a chin.

One day she made me shrink,
Then said 'I'll make you cute'.
Now I'm just a toy boy,
In a fair isle suit!

To chop or not?

Would you swap a woolly scarf for a toy boy?...

or five toy boys?... and a few rabbit brooches?

Crafty ways make woolly dilemmas.

EE xx


  1. Now! What would l be do'in with a toy boy....!
    Answers on a post~card...! :).

    I have a 18ft Dr Who scarf....Which can be seen on me Blog!
    And a 12ft pink/white scarf, Also on me Blog.....
    Knitted for me by a 82yr old lady, ten Christmas's ago. She
    suffered a stroke some years before, partly paralysed down
    one side...It took her six months to knit! I love it...She died a
    few years back! Would'nt part with either, or ever chop them up!
    There worn every year...year in, year out....Every streets a cat
    walk...!!! :>).

  2. I can't compete with your poem today. Yes! I would swap a woolly scarf for a woolly toy boy! I love the look of wool but can't stand the itchiness around my neck. Would much rather look at it than wear it!!! :-) x