Wednesday, 7 October 2015

When Pigs Fly

If pigs should fly,
I hope and pray
That sausage bombs
Don't drop your way.

If pigs should fly,
I see dangers
With back bacon
Slapping strangers.

If pigs should fly,
There is no doubt
That fatty ham
Would slide about.

But if pigs wave,
Avert your eyes,
Those flying pigs
Tell porky pies.

So let's make sure
The day can't come
When pigs are cloned
Just for the fun.

Crafty ways make days fly.

EE xx


  1. HeHe! If pigs had wings....They'll be pork in the
    trees by morning. :).
    (Lion in Winter..1968).

  2. You do make me smile always E.E, with your little rhymes. That pig angel is pretty darn cute too :-)

  3. That poem is hilarious! I like your angel piggy very much! x