Friday, 23 October 2015

Lonely Hearts Club.

This is Tom.

He enjoys reading

and dreams of a wild life.

These are the kitten sisters.

They love dressing up and were pleased with their 'off the cuff'' dresses
made from woolly sleeves.

Everyone loves Tom but Bunny was a little disappointed
 by his copy-cat choice of  knitwear.

(I couldn't bear to chop another scarf!)

They are all looking for love ...
and a wild life.

Let's hope they get lucky soon

or I may have to try one of those internet dating sites.

Crafty ways make lonely days.

EE xx


  1. You are so clever!
    I hope that Tom meets his match
    The bunny girl is quite a catch! x

  2. I would just like to pick that whole basket up & buy them all . . . . well maybe leave out the green frog one perhaps. Tom is gorgeous :-)