Monday, 5 October 2015

Mongering and Mischief...

We enjoyed a bumper day of unpredictable sales last Saturday.

I've been a mischievous monthly market monger for just over 3 years now
and I still can't figure out it's fickle nature.

I was sure that the new plastic bag charge
 would bring a rush to my bag department at last ...

sadly not...
even the professionals failed to sell!

My soft toy makes were just fillers to show off the rich and famous...

so I was surprised that most of them found new homes
 but not Miffy...she was a bit miffed to be left behind.

level shelves, wonky floor!
I wonder is there any rhyme or reason to this merchandising mystery?

I must curate my stock before we burst....

but where to start when
I can't even sell a witch for Halloween!

Any suggestions would be warmly...

Crafty ways cause puzzling days.
(Puzzles were a best seller!)

EE xx


  1. I know exactly where you are coming from .... last fair I sold lots of vintage clothing so I took plenty more this weekend and sold hardly any and yet fabric that I have had for ages and ages all went!

  2. Fickle folk are no Joke! Poor Miffy. She's a big girl! Maybe people didn't have room for her? I am surprised that puzzles did so well - maybe it's a retro thing? Your stall looks lovely by the way. I would have stopped and shopped and made your day! x

  3. Jesus! Look at the size of that it a rabbit...?
    In the yellow outfit thing...!!! :). If l got one, that size,
    keep me in food for a month! HeHe! Bless!
    Thing is with Miffy...She's 'grey', kids don't like grey.
    Now if she was...was...Pink! Ah! Now! There ya go!

    But, a lovely display though...sort of stand l'd go for
    straight away...Would have bought the witch....funny
    enough bought one in Wimborne last Sat. In a shop
    called 'Present Company'....£1;99 reduced from £4:99.
    Bargain! :>).

  4. Oh E.E. I have the same question here at my end. You just cannot predict the fickle market nowadays. Folk will hardly buy anything out of my cottage some visits, but then they ask to buy my garden furniture !!!! On a lighter note, I adore your witch & peering closely at your stall pics, I can see lots of things I would like to bring home with me.